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City responds: trees are in the plan

19 Mar

In response to questions from Friends of Berczy Park (FOBP) about recent removal of park trees, the City Parks, Forestry & Recreation dept. advises that the tree chopping is part of routine and necessary maintenance to remove “trees found to be in decline,” as well as pruning dead wood and low limbs, to remove hazards.

Unfortunately, the City reports that there is no plan to replace the trees until a new park Master Plan is completed. The Forestry Operations contact adds that it would be unwise to plant new trees now, and later move them as part of park construction, harming young trees or disturbing existing tree roots.

This appears logical, but FOBP asks the City to be mindful of how our community members lament the loss of so many mature trees, and we ask the City to ensure that trees play a big part in future Berczy plans.  We note that two other Berczy trees are currently tagged with an orange ‘bulls eye,’ suggesting that their days are also numbered.

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Where have the trees gone?

16 Mar

You may have noticed a sudden culling of trees from Berczy Park. In fact, at least seven trees have been removed in the past week, with others marked with

ominous orange paint, possibly tagged for chopping in the coming days.

As the ‘before and after’ photos show below, many lush trees have been removed from Berczy in recent years and not replaced. It’s especially noticeable around the focal-point fountain where trees used to offer a pleasant shaded spot for visitors. Now, only roughly bricked-over tree wells remain.

Friends of Berczy Park has posed the question to the City’s park and forestry officials and our Councillor, asking why the trees were felled and what are the plans to replant. We’ll keep you posted on their response.

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