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You asked … about unlit lampposts and salt

15 Dec

Parks dept investigates unlit lamp posts and icy walks in Berczy Park.

A community member asks, “Why are  all the lighting lampposts not working in the evening along Front St in the park?” And, why is no salt being thrown on the Berczy Park plaza to avoid a dangerous sheet of ice for pedestrians?

We answer: The City Parks, Forestry and Recreation Dept says that they have asked Toronto Hydro to turn on those lights and are awaiting a confirmation date from the utility provider. In terms of icy, hazardous walking surfaces, the Parks Dept is now investigating options for snow and ice control in the park.


You asked … “Why no spotlights on Flatiron Bldg?”

14 Dec

Testing spotlight/floodlights on the Flatiron Bldg.

A community member asks, “I am wondering why the lights on the Flatiron Bldg have not been on this past week?”

We answer: Good question, since those floodlights were designed to illuminate the mural and brighten the mural garden/on-leash pet area at night.

The City Parks, Forestry and Recreation Dept tells us that, when the spotlights were tested, there was considerable stray light washing on adjacent residential buildings, which can prompt complaints. Although they tried to re-aim the lights a few weeks ago, they are now working with the manufacturer to resolve these technical issues, hopefully in the new year. In the meantime, the spotlights will be left off to avoid discomfort or annoyance to neighbours.


Partial Park Re-Opening!

2 Dec

First visitors check out the fountain plaza.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised this morning when The City decided to partially re-open Berczy Park despite delays finalizing a few park features. Bright and early, construction crews removed the metal fencing, giving  the public  access to the park pathways, main plaza and the mural garden/on-leash pet area behind the Flatiron Building.

While crews continue to work in the park, everyone can now enjoy the broad, accessible walkways, ample seating, and extensive lighting that will ensure safe nighttime use.


a close-up view of pet-themed fountain, topped with golden bone and 27 dogs/1 cat sculpture.

The City reports that:

  • Some park features are yet to be installed, including some pet sculptures in and around the fountain, plus fountain lighting and paving.
  • Also to be installed in Spring 2017: a dramatic children’s play/art structure, designed by local artist Luis Jacob, will complete the currently-fenced off greenspace bordering Scott St.
  • All landscaped, grassy areas, will be fenced-off/off limits to the public until Spring 2017 to protect the newly laid sod and allow healthy roots to establish.
  • Additional trees will be added around the park border along Wellington St in 2017, following scheduled street repairs.
  • Temporary trash and recycling bins are in place, and more will be added around the park perimeter to help keep the park clean.
  • As a result, the City has postponed the park grand-opening celebration until the Spring, when all park features are in place, including additional moveable furniture around the fountain plaza.

Friends of Berczy Park asks you to:

  • Enjoy the new park, and share your comments and photos on our twitter feed , @friendsofberczy, and here on our blog.
  • Spread the word about our lovely new park, and refer others to our blog for park updates and design information.
  • Help care for our park: Keep it clean and report any problems you see to Friends of Berczy Park or 3-11.
  • And, of special note to pet-owners, please respect the fenced-off landscaped areas, so the grass can settle. Make use of the gravel-surface, on-leash pet area/mural garden behind the Flatiron Bldg when nature calls your pet to the park.
  • Finally, watch for our Friends of Berczy Park’s park-user survey in early 2017, to help us get your feedback on the types of events and activities that may pop-up in Your Berczy Park next year.

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