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A day in the life … of Berczy Park

16 Jul

A lot happens in a day in Toronto’s Berczy Park. Check out our slide show to see some of the usual and not-so usual activities that we’ve spotted in the Park.

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It’s hop-scotch time on the FOBP sidewalk mural.

11pm: the Berczy fountain casts light on the hijinks of passing city youth.

10:30pm: Marking the 2003 North American blackout, a group of you dancers and
drummers splash in the fountain.

Among the youth celebrating the 2003 Blackout: a kayaker
paddles the fountain!

A crowd of youth watch fire performers, celebrating the
2003 blackout anniversary.

9pm: night cleaning ladies from office buildings take a break.

8pm: the fountain is the perfect backdrop for a family of tourists resting in the park.

Amateur pianists jump onto a Caribbean-painted piano, one of 40 around the city to promote the 2015 Pan Am Games.

Park patrons enjoy spontaneous meals with the help of Luminato art festival chefs.

A Luminato performance art show gets chefs teaching park-goers to cook meals from souped-up grocery carts.

5pm: As part of the Luminato arts festival, performance art chefs with grocery carts serve quick meals to park visitors.

A mounted police officer rests his horse to the surprise of a lounging couple.

An office worker finds a shady spot to stay connected via her laptop.

4pm: It’s hop-scotch time on the FOBP sidewalk mural.

High noon: mother and child appreciate the fountain’s mist.

11am: a tai chi class enjoys the tranquil northwest lawn.

10:30am: a dog dives after a tempting balloon floating in the fountain.

10am: a lone guitarist takes advantage of park acoustics.

Toronto’s homeless often find a park corner for some shut-eye.

Early commuters enjoy morning sun along Front Street.

7am: a jogger wisks by a City worker spot cleaning the grounds.

Toronto Star features Berczy Park – twice

13 Jul

The Toronto Star has twice spotlighted recent activity in Berczy Park.

First, check out our new Friends of Berczy Park mural, featured on page one of the Toronto Star (click the first link ‘Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday…’ to view the pdf and Toronto Star article).

Also, see the Star’s July 5th article  below, by urban columnist Christopher Hume, profiling the ideas of Berczy Park redesign sources, Gehl Architects and 8-80 Cities. (click the second link to view that pdf)

Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday’s remark draws strong reaction from families raising kids downtown –

Toronto Star July 5, 2012 Chris Hume interview with Gehl Architects & 8-80 Cities.

Berczy mural comes to life!

3 Jul

With support from so many, the Mike Parsons mural came to life in Berczy Park on Sunday, July 1st.  Check out our slide show below to view the art creation process.

Friends of Berczy Park thanks our partners in this project, including Mike Parsons, Councillor Pam McConnell, St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood BIA (including Bob Kemp and his crew), Concert Properties Ltd, St. Lawrence Runners, Ivy, Clara, Mei, Desmond, Oliver, Sara, Dax, The Hom Boys, Neo, Nix, Sarah, John, Hart, Daisy, Henry, Aaden, Ewan, Lucca, Luke, Leila, Anya, Zachary, Alexander, Zoe, Quinton, Keiron, and our four-legged models, Roxy, Millie, Puggy, Harley, Gomez, Benji, Buster, Homer, Guinness.

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Councillor McConnell and FOBP supporters admire the evolving mural.

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