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Join our Berczy Clean-up on Sunday September 10th

1 Sep

Join volunteers like this local resident who pitches in at the park whenever she can!

Want to keep Berczy Park beautiful? Stop by our Berczy Park Clean-up on Sunday Sept 10, 10am-11:30am, and spend a bit of time helping us tidy up the park.  You’ll be amazed what a difference we can make in 30 minutes, an hour, or so!

What to bring? Just bring yourself, but please email us your RSVP if you are likely coming, so we can bring enough supplies, at . *If you can, do bring some clean-up gloves, a broom, dustpan or garden trowel, and remember any personal care items you might need, like sunblock or water.


Adam from Toronto Free Walking Tours hunts down trash in Berczy.

This event is inspired by the folks at Toronto Free Walking Tours, who led the first successful clean-up event, when they saw that our new park could use a bit of TLC. Now, Friends of Berczy Park and Toronto Free Walking Tours are working together to host these community clean-ups as needed, to help keep Berczy beautiful.

Can’t make it this time? No problem, but help us help beautify Berczy whenever you can. For example, each time you visit Berczy, pick up one piece of litter, or report poor park conditions to 3-11. Thanks!

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