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You asked …. about skateboarders

16 Jan

a-skateboarder-jumpingA community member asks, “What can be done about skateboarders using the platform by the fountain to skateboard on? Is there a way we can stop it before they damage the wood?”

We answer, “Friends of Berczy Park has already reported this to the City (and we also encourage you to always report any troubling events or park damage by calling 3-11). The Parks, Forestry & Recreation Dept is currently working with the park designer to add a deterrent for skateboarders like a metal rail on the edge of the wooden stage. While it’s great to see youth using the park, we definitely don’t want the wooden structure to be damaged.”


New anti-skateboarding ‘knobs’ added to Berczy platforms.

Update on Feb 15, 2017: The City installed anti-skateboarding guard ‘knobs’ along the wooden platforms. They have been effective in other City parks so hopefully this will resolve the issue.


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