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Status of Jacob’s Ladder artwork/play structure in Berczy Park

2 Aug

Bard in Berczy Park performers rehearse by ‘hanging laundry’ props from the Jacob’s Ladder public artwork

While the upcoming ‘Bard in Berczy Park’ production will be using the giant bronze hands of the “Jacob’s Ladder” public artwork as a backdrop for their upcoming performances of All’s Well That End’s Well – as seen in the adjacent image – some community members have asked about the status of this incomplete public artwork/kids play structure.

Here is an update from Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam’s Office:
The hands and ‘string’ (ie. thick rope) were meant to be one piece that were not meant to be ‘interactive’ (ie. you could not remove/change the position of the rope) but were meant to allow kids to play on it. When the rope was installed, following the bronze hands, it was found that the ropes did not sit properly, which could allow them to be disrupted. The rope was sent back to the manufacturer in Montreal, and installers need to install stronger connections to reinstall the rope, according to City staff. Staff also want to deal with drainage issues in the park, including the grassy hills and valley surrounding the Jacobs Ladder artwork, before reinstalling the rope. The Park is still under warranty, and Parks and the contractor are trying to settle issues regarding soil quality, which has resulted in some grass looking poor. City staff do not have an estimated date for the return of the rope, but assuming the drainage/soil issues are solved they could see it returned before the fall, contingent on a a quick resolution with the contractor.


Artist testing rope lattice for Jacob’s Ladder artwork in fall 2018.


The initial installation of Jacob’s Ladder art/play structure.

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