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Good progress towards park goals!

9 May

Friends of Berczy Park (FOBP) recently had a productive working meeting with Councillor Pam McConnell, members of her office, and management from the Parks, Recreation & Forestry Dept.

While the City explained the difficulties of making permanent or structural improvements to Berczy before they complete the park’s overall Master Plan (see earlier posts), some terrific ideas emerged:

  • Children’s play area: As an alternative to physical children’s play structures at this time, Parks staff suggested decorative sidewalk painting by a local artist or colorful ‘playful benches,’ to help demarcate a children’s zone. We are working to find other options, and the City is expressing agreement that permanent play structures make sense as part of longer-term park reconstruction.
  • Playground in a cart: To support regular programming in Berczy, Parks folks suggested a small, moveable structure containing supplies to help organize regular children’s activities in the park.
  • Summer reading series: The idea of a summer reading series in the park  for kids was tabled. The City has talked to a local bookseller and will keep us updated on this possibility.
  • Amenities for pets: Recognizing the large number of pet owners, Councillor McConnell’s office is in the early stages of planning a fenced off-leash dog area in an alternate location, possibly on unused land adjacent to the BackStage Condo development, or new park space in the Gardiner Expressway corridor.

FOBP is very pleased with the progress made. We are especially pleased that our City partners are coming up with their own ideas that support our vision.  It’s clear that in a short time , we’ve changed the way people think about Berczy. Thanks to you (our friends and neighbours) for helping us advocate these desires to the City.

Stay tuned, because some fundraising might be required for the public space improvements described above.

Ps:  See the April 23 blog update below for ways you can get involved, since we must keep the Berczy Park momentum going!

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