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Finally, we’re on Facebook!

20 Mar

imagesFind it easiest to keep up with things on Facebook? At last, Friends of Berczy Park has a page on many people’s favourite social networking site. Go directly to:

Or, search for ‘Friends of Berczy Park’ on Facebook, and Choose “Follow” to see our events and news. And, please ‘like us’ to spread the word among your friends and neighbours.

Kid-friendly public artwork coming to Berczy in Fall 2017

10 Mar

Kids and art-lovers of all ages will be fascinated by one of the finishing touches planned  to appear in Fall 2017 in the recently re-opened Berczy Park – a new public artwork that will rise from the park’s west-end green space.

The City oversaw a community judging panel – a committee of local residents and art experts – who selected the work of highly regarded Toronto artist Luis Jacob to bring to life his kid-friendly art concept.

“Jacob’s Ladder” will encompass a rope lattice suspended between two giant scale bronze hands, forming a whimsical string game. It’s perfect for climbing, swinging, playing, or a backdrop for a casual badminton game or a great ‘selfie’ photo moment.

Art inspired by the timeless kids' string game!

Art inspired by the timeless kids’ string game!

Luis says the concept encompasses an image very familiar to children (the universal ‘string game’), with the hand sculptures designed to create human scale in our rapidly-developing neighbourhood. The string imagery also ties to Toronto art traditions in which rope and string art has been a popular theme over the years, notes Jacob.

Toronto artist Luis Jacob with Spirits of the Grotto mosaic.

Toronto artist Luis Jacobs with Spirits of the Grotto mosaic.

Born in Lima, Peru, Jacob is a multimedia artist based in nearby Parkdale. His recent works include ‘Spirits of the Grotto,’ a large-scale metal mosaic panel in the Dufferin & Queen St underpass.

The Berczy Park public artwork was selected as part of the City  arts procurement process, organized by the Cultural Services and the Parks, Forestry and Recreation departments, with the goal of creating a kid-friendly, playful centre piece for the green space in the redesigned Berczy Park.

You asked … about cigarette butts

7 Mar

IMG_2434A community member asks: “It’s sad to see the amount of cigarette butt litter already in the park – any chance of containers?”

We answer: Friends of Berczy Park has also noticed the large number of cigarette butts accumulating in the park, particularly along the temporary fencing by Scott Street. Unfortunately, some smokers  just toss their cigarette litter on the ground without looking for a waste receptacle, creating a dirty landscape for others, including children and pets who can come into contact with this waste.

fullsizeoutput_19adWe have asked the City to add more waste bins around the park including specific cigarette waste receptacles and bylaw signage. We also ask the Management of Great West Life’s 33 Yonge office complex to add more smoking waste bins  along their property line on Scott St, since we imagine that many of the smokers come from that building .

In general, we ask all smokers to be more aware of their actions in the park – and help keep it clean – particularly around the green space near Scott Street, since  a children’s play/art structure will be added in the spring and we want to keep the area cigarette smoke/litter free, as City bylaws require.


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