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Final Storytime in Berczy, Wednesday August 26

23 Aug

2015 library aug 22 lisa and crowdThis year’s successful “Storytime In Berczy Park” series wraps up this Wednesday, Aug 26 at 1pm.

Over 35 kids, parents and grandparents attended the August 22 event on a beautiful Saturday in the park. The reading also attracted several curious families just passing by and demonstrated how grassroots park activities can bring our community together. Lisa from the St Lawrence Public Library introduced a few new stories to the all-age audience. A special thanks to Lisa and our FOBP volunteers, Judith and Myra.

Please  join us this Wednesday for an afternoon of fun, song and merriment!
– When: August 26, 1pm
– Where: Northeast corner of Berczy Park(behind Flatiron Bldg.)
– Cost: Free!
– Plus…free kid friendly refreshments to follow.

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