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Our survey says…

30 May

surveyTo help us capture your priorities for Berczy Park improvements, Friends of Berczy Park (FOBP) maintains an online survey. While nearly 200 individuals have already completed the survey, you can still take part (Please click here to complete the three-minute survey). Here are highlights of your thoughts on our park, as at May 2013:

How often do you visit Berczy Park?

Survey respondents are frequent park visitors, with 42% making a daily visit and 39% doing so on a weekly basis.

What activities do you use the park for?

Most people make a quick visit to Berczy, with 84% walking through on their way to somewhere else and 33% walking their dog. Others enjoy longer park stays, with 51% taking part in festivals held in the park, or 27% who meet friends there.

How do you rate Berczy Park?

While 59% rate the park good to excellent, there’s room for improvement since 42% ranked the park from poor to fair.

What improvements could be made?

Improvements to landscaping and tree maintenance were top ranked at 67%, while 60% suggested keep the park cleaner. Improved seating and better lighting won 58% and 45%, respectively, while dedicated space for dogs and facilities for children garnered 37% and 33% support.

We live in a diverse neighbourhood

While 42% of survey respondents identified themselves as adults with no children, 19% were households with children. Pet lovers with a dog under 25lbs represented 14% of survey participants, while seniors reflected 18%.

FOBP data show vast population growth

FOBP has also documented rapid neighbourhood growth, particularly since 2007, which puts considerable strain on our little park. While the approximate number of nearby residential units in the Yonge/King/Esplanade/Market Lane quadrant stood at 1,207 units in 1988, that  number rose to 1,599 in 1997. By 2007, residential units reached 2,375. With new developments coming online between 2013 and 2016, approximately residential units will reach 4,162, putting a considerable crush on the Berczy Park green space.

Around Berczy Park: yellow squares are proposed or under-construction developments. Numbers are number of units per building.

Around Berczy Park: yellow squares are proposed or under-construction developments. Numbers are number of units per building.

Cafe seating unveiled

21 May

Friends of Berczy Park (FOBP) installed café-style tables & chairs in the park on the Victoria Day Weekend with help from volunteers and donors.

The spring make-over included fresh paint on the furniture, flower planters for ambience, and chalk art for kids and pets. Visitors quickly took advantage of this refreshed community space, including a duo of mallard ducks who now occupy the fountain.

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Thanks to our 17 volunteer painters, including the outdoor crew from the St. Lawrence Market Nbrhd BIA. Thanks also to our donors, including Allied Properties REIT, a developer of office and retail properties adjacent to the park.

The FOBP furniture and planters are a seasonal project, in anticipation of City park renovations planned for 2014-15. See our Dec. 13 blog update below for details.

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