I. About us

Friends of Berczy Park is a volunteer community group with the goal of inspiring and driving park improvements that balance the priorities of residents, visitors and businesses for this rapidly-evolving neighbourhood.  With more than 1,500 members to date, and hundreds of additional followers on Facebook and Twitter, the group aims to enhance this public space to meet the diverse needs of all park users and encourage inclusive, community-based stewardship of this heavily-used downtown park.

II. Join us by writing BerczyPark@gmail.com and ask to become a member.We welcome  new volunteers or support to organize our activities.

III. Follow us on Facebook: Search for the Friends of Berczy Park group and choose ‘Follow.’ Follow us on Twitter: @FriendsofBerczy.

William Berczy painted this portrait of Mohawk leader Joseph Brant, circa 1807.

William Berczy painted this portrait of Mohawk leader Joseph Brant, circa 1807.

IV. Have a Berczy Park safety complaint?

Help us keep Berczy Park safe. If you have a non-emergency/non-life threatening safety or security concern about Berczy, please file a report with the Toronto Police 51 Division. They can respond to these serious but less urgent issues (Eg. concerns about a potentially violent individual, possibly illegal activity, vandalism in the Park, etc), often by sending a police bike or foot patrol or a homeless outreach social worker. Call 416-808-2222 to alert police to these non-emergency incidents. You may also help police gather necessary statistics to improve our park safety by completing an incident report.  Community Policing Complaint Form_51Division_May’14

Of course, if the situation is an emergency, call 9-11.

V. Want to report overflowing waste/recycling bins in the park or around the City?

Call 3-11, tweet @311Toronto, or, even better, use the The City’s online service request form to do so quickly and efficiently. Or, if the link does not work, go to http://www.Toronto.ca and search for ‘Service requests for Waste Collection’.

VI. Want to raise other concerns or requests for Berczy Park?

Calling or tweeting 3-11 or @311Toronto is your best channel to reach the right City officials who are responsible for different park services or functions. However, you may also contact your local City Councillor, or the Councillor for Ward 13 ‘Toronto Centre”, in which Berczy Park is located. Ward 13 is the new ward designation for this location, following the amalgamation of wards by the provincial government in fall 2018. Previously, Berczy Park was included within Ward 21.

Keep in mind that many Berczy Park users actually live in Ward 10 “Spadina – Fort York”, since the ward boundary runs down the middle of the Esplanade. Residents on the south side of The Esplanade now reside in Ward 10. This Councillor should also be responsive to Berczy Park issues although the park does not sit directly in that ward.  You can find Ward and Councillor contact information at www.toronto.ca.

VII. Finally, who was ‘Berczy’?

Berczy Park is named after William Berczy, a pioneer of Upper Canada, co-founder of York  (now Toronto) and painter. Born as Johann Albrecht Ulrich Moll in 1744 in Wallerstein Germany, he later changed his name and studied at the Academy of Arts in Vienna, before sailing to the Americas in 1792. He helped Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe establish a settlement at Markham, Ontario, and cleared part of the town site of York in 1794.  He became a well-known Canadian painter, architect, surveyor and writer before dying en route to England in 1813. See our August 17 (2017 blog post for more details).

Want more Berczy Park history? See our June 8th, 11th and 17th (2017) blog posts on our main page.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Ted Merrick at 3:20 pm #

    who is preparing a new master plan and is ( should ) there be a competition? the master plan should not be done in house at the city. Claude Cormier or equal needs a crack at this rehabilitiation.

    • Friends of Berczy Park Working Group at 5:55 pm #

      As we understand it, The City will oversee the Master Plan for the park, after the BIA/8-80 Cities project has performed its park study (including community input and focus groups which are underway now).

      BIA/8-80 Cities will enlist an international design firm, like Gehl Architects, to develop concepts for the park. Then, the City would move forward with these plans, adapt them as needed, consult the public, and seek firms to execute the work.

      If you have thoughts on how the Master Plan should be performed, you should contact Councillor McConnell’s office to provide your ideas, since things are still at an early stage and they may be able to clarify the process.

  2. Stephen Devine at 8:51 pm #

    So great to meet you both tonight!
    Thank you once again for the presentation!
    Stephen Devine


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