Green Bin for pet waste to be installed this April!

27 Mar

fullsizeoutput_22d5As announced earlier this year,
Berczy Park pet-owners will soon gain an environment-friendly way to dispose of pet waste. During April 2019, The City will install a Green Bin in Berczy Park, so pet-owners can deposit their poop bags in the Green Bin, rather than leaving the waste in the standard black garbage bins.

The City notes that, when pet waste is left in standard garbage or blue bins, it contaminates the other materials and prevents sanitary recycling or processing. With estimates that 84% of waste bin contents near dog parks are organic waste, this represents a huge opportunity to divert organic materials from local landfills, and help our environment.

imagesBerczy Park’s Green Bin will be installed in the gravel mural garden behind the Flatiron Building, which is a designated pet-relief area. Signage will educate pet-owners to visit the mural garden and dispose of all pet waste in the Green Bin. Dog poop bags can be placed directly in the Green Bin and poop bags do not need to be biodegradable. See the poster below to see everything that can go in a Green Bin including food scraps and diapers.

Black and blue waste bins will accompany the Green Bin to provide more locations for other waste in the eastern end of the park.

Image 2019-03-27 at 3.22 PM

Image 2019-03-27 at 3.22 PM

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