Berczy Park summer time reading group a success!

24 Sep

fullsizeoutput_224cThis summer, Friends of Berczy Park approached Dulce Gomes of the St. Lawrence Public Library, to see if we could bring adults together for some type of book club in the park. Our idea was to bring adults together in a shared activity, where human connections and relationships are fostered. In our neighborhood, where the population lives in high rise buildings, the park provides a major opportunity for social interaction.

Dulce offered to lead six sessions of a short story reading group; the library would provide print copies of short stories, and participants would take turns reading them out loud with time for discussion when we were finished. Although it took a few weeks for the group to grow and take off, it became a wonderful opportunity for neighbours to meet and learn about each other, and practice our reading/dramatic skills.

Each Tuesday morning we sat around the tables and chairs, grouped together in the shade and enjoyed each story, got to know a little about others in the group, and experienced the wonderful park and the hundreds of people visiting our beautiful new Park.

Were very grateful for the experience which Dulce provided us with, and hope to be able to return to more such mornings in the summer of 2019.


Participants of our reading club gathered each week in the Berczy Park shade to enjoy short stories and conversation.


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