“Ask the pet trainer” at Pet-lovers Day, June 9th

2 May


Due to popular demand, Friends of Berczy Park is hosting another Pet-lovers Day in Berczy Park on Saturday June 9th, from 9am to noon (rain date: Sunday June 10th, 9am to noon).
Stop by the mural garden behind the Flatiron Building for free pet treats, complimentary coffee, and meet your furry and human neighbours, starting at 9am.

Pet-owners got lots of great training advice at our 2017 event!

From 10am to noon,
meet our professional pet trainer, Sydney, from Fresh Puppy and “Ask the Pet Trainer” a question during this free activity. It’s a great chance to ask our expert for puppy training tips, teach Rex a new trick, or address a pet issue like jumping, barking, recall or other behavioural issues you may face. Even if you are just thinking of getting a puppy, stop by, since Sydney has lots of great advice for future pup parents.

By the way: Got old pet toys, clothes or supplies you don’t need? Bring them to our event and we’ll donate them to Project Jessie, a rescue and adoption program run by the


Bring your used or un-needed pet supplies for Project Jessie rescue shelter.

Animal Alliance of Canada.

Special thanks to our event sponsors PetValu, 184 Front St East and Tim Hortons at 33 Yonge St and 55 Front St E.




5 Responses to ““Ask the pet trainer” at Pet-lovers Day, June 9th”

  1. KJ May 21, 2018 at 10:15 am #

    Is all the grass dead in the park from all the dog piss? It looks horrible. There has to be a way to prevent the park from turning into a dog piss ridden park?

    • Friends of Berczy Park Working Group May 21, 2018 at 10:25 am #

      Hi KJ, thanks for writing. We don’t think we can blame dogs for all the dead grass, since technically only female dog urine causes grass staining. The dead grass is mostly due to soil compaction by heavy people traffic on the lawns and will likely require re-seeding or sodding by The City in the fall. That said, we are planning a campaign as part of our next Pet-lovers Event to encourage pet owners to always poop & scoop, & try to use the gravel mural garden area for ‘pet relief’ as much as possible. We also encourage you to call 3-11 to comment about the dead grass, since that will prompt the City to repair the grass sooner. Thanks

  2. KJ July 16, 2018 at 7:44 am #

    Well apparently it is because of the dog urine.


    Why does every bit of green space turn into some place for pet owners to take their animals to urinate.

  3. KJ July 16, 2018 at 1:12 pm #

    Also, ALL dog urine kills grass. All. You are incorrect in your comment about only female dogs. I would suggest you research this.

    • Friends of Berczy Park Working Group July 16, 2018 at 2:52 pm #

      Hi KJ, thanks for your comments. But please note that the City official in the article specifically says the dead grass is due to ‘soil compaction by people and pets’, not one or the other. He does say the circular stain spots are dogs. I can tell you’ve considered this issue carefully, particularly about male/female urine – thanks – but I can also tell you from being in the park daily that much of the dead grass, particularly where The Star photo is taken, is due to high traffic of everyone – people taking photos of the hands sculptures, excessive water run off from spring rains that ‘pooled’ around the hands/poor drainage, dry conditions, and yes, pet urination too. It is not a one-dimensional problem, so let’s not completely blame pets for the issue. Looking forward, we are trying to help The City remedy this problem, restore the area and protect it (somehow) in future. Thank you sincerely for caring about the park.

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