Pet-owners, help us care for our park

16 May

IMG_2994Now that Berczy Park has re-opened with a green space, on-leash pet area behind the Flatiron Bldg, and safe night lighting, it’s a great place to walk your pet.

Here are tips to keep our park clean, safe and enjoyable for all:

  • Be our ‘eyes and ears’ in the park:
    • Report crime right away (For emergencies, call 9-1-1. For non-emergencies like possible illegal activity or vandalism, call 51 Division at 416-808-2222.)
    • Report park damage or unsanitary conditions. Call 3-1-1 and email , or tweet @friendsofberczy.
  • Always ‘poop and scoop.’ If you see others breaking this City by-law, politely offer them a clean-up baggie. If they refuse, avoid a confrontation, but remind them that City by-law officers will issue a $240 fine for breaking the rule.
  • Carefully supervise your pet and ensure their behaviour doesn’t disturb other pets or people.
  • IMG_3364

    Ask first before introducing your dog to a stranger.

    Ask first. When you see another pet, ask their owner, “Is it okay for our pets to say ‘Hello’?” And ask the pet owner before offering a treat.

  • If you see a hazard to your pet’s health, like food or bones, put it in a garbage bin so it won’t endanger other dogs.
  • Annoyed with the litter in the park? Help us solve the problem – Why not pick up one piece of litter during your pet walk and feel good that you are part of the solution!
  • Avoid spots: Let Spot use our special ‘spot’: Pets are welcome across the park, but encourage your dog to ‘go’ in the gravel mural garden (behind Flatiron Bldg) to reduce pet spots on the grass where people sit and children play.
  • IMG_4040

    Dogs gone wild: Please keep dogs out of the new fountain so it doesn’t break down.

    The fountain is NOT a splash pad, swimming or bathing place for pets:  Pet hair, dirt and soap suds will damage the fountain mechanisms and lead to costly repairs. Please keep your dog out of the fountain and inform others if  their dogs enter the waters.

  • And, post your own tips here on our blog, on Facebook, or tweet @FriendsofBerczy

2 Responses to “Pet-owners, help us care for our park”

  1. Judith Levkoe at 7:38 pm #

    Great Post…..I have been hearing comments about people ‘forgetting’ to clean up after their dogs. It might take quite a bit of re education but is important to keep the park beautiful for everyone!

  2. Friends of Berczy Park Working Group at 8:00 am #

    Thanks Judith, yes we all need to demonstrate good park behaviours as an example to others and sometimes speak up with courtesy to help educate others on how to share the park. It’s not easy, but we can try to help everyone take pride in our new park.

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