Visions of next summer

26 Jan

IMG_3500It felt like -12 degrees, but reps from Friends of Berczy Park, The City Parks Dept., Councillor Pam McConnell’s Office, the St Lawrence Market Business Improvement Association, and the St Lawrence Neighbourhood Association met in Berczy Park to discuss ways to pretty up our park during the 2015 Pan Am/Para Panam Games in Toronto.

Since major Berczy Park renovations are postponed until after the Games conclude next August, the City Parks Dept. plans to locate a number of bold planters with colourful tropical ‘Americas’ themed flowers to brighten up the area all summer long for park users and Games visitors. Plans may also include temporary seating and PanAm 2015 banners on lampposts bordering the park. Stay tuned for details.

One Response to “Visions of next summer”

  1. Sharon McMillan at 5:10 pm #

    This is great news! We’ll have a lot of new people in the area and this is a great way to showcase of our great urban/community parks.

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