Updated Berczy Park construction schedule

4 Nov

constructionWith the Pan Am Games fast approaching (starting July 2015), the City has altered construction timing (and completion dates) for Berczy Park revitalization.  There is a silver lining to this change.

The City now estimates that Berczy Park construction will begin late August 2015 for completion by late summer 2016.

The community-approved park design remains the same, and construction planning continues to proceed. However, it was decided to postpone digging up the park in fall 2014  since construction could not be completed before Toronto hosts the Pan Am Games, resulting in an un-inviting construction site for City visitors.

Park renovation planners also learned that Bell and Toronto Hydro plan major digs in adjacent Scott Street in late 2015, meaning that the new Berczy Park would reopen in the midst of bothersome street construction. The revised Berczy Park renovation schedule enables the City to coordinate improvements to Scott Street street-scaping, traffic flow, and safe crossing access to the park.

Planns remain unchanged for the new Berczy Park, including a new  pet-themed fountain, looking west across central park plaza.

Plans remain unchanged for the new Berczy Park, including a new pet-themed fountain and bold central plaza.

Although Friends of Berczy Park does not like to see park renovations delayed, this construction schedule change will ensure  quality of work done in the park, and avoid shortcuts in a race to finish before the Games.

The City also promises to refresh the Park temporarily for the summer of 2015, including abundant plantings and new temporary seating, so that the un-renovated park is attractive and remains usable until park renovations get underway.




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