A day in the life … of Berczy Park

16 Jul

A lot happens in a day in Toronto’s Berczy Park. Check out our slide show to see some of the usual and not-so usual activities that we’ve spotted in the Park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s hop-scotch time on the FOBP sidewalk mural.

11pm: the Berczy fountain casts light on the hijinks of passing city youth.

10:30pm: Marking the 2003 North American blackout, a group of you dancers and
drummers splash in the fountain.

Among the youth celebrating the 2003 Blackout: a kayaker
paddles the fountain!

A crowd of youth watch fire performers, celebrating the
2003 blackout anniversary.

9pm: night cleaning ladies from office buildings take a break.

8pm: the fountain is the perfect backdrop for a family of tourists resting in the park.

Amateur pianists jump onto a Caribbean-painted piano, one of 40 around the city to promote the 2015 Pan Am Games.

Park patrons enjoy spontaneous meals with the help of Luminato art festival chefs.

A Luminato performance art show gets chefs teaching park-goers to cook meals from souped-up grocery carts.

5pm: As part of the Luminato arts festival, performance art chefs with grocery carts serve quick meals to park visitors.

A mounted police officer rests his horse to the surprise of a lounging couple.

An office worker finds a shady spot to stay connected via her laptop.

4pm: It’s hop-scotch time on the FOBP sidewalk mural.

High noon: mother and child appreciate the fountain’s mist.

11am: a tai chi class enjoys the tranquil northwest lawn.

10:30am: a dog dives after a tempting balloon floating in the fountain.

10am: a lone guitarist takes advantage of park acoustics.

Toronto’s homeless often find a park corner for some shut-eye.

Early commuters enjoy morning sun along Front Street.

7am: a jogger wisks by a City worker spot cleaning the grounds.

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