Survey says… your thoughts on Berczy Park

9 Feb

To help us reflect the voice of the community, and capture your priorities for future park improvements, Friends of Berczy Park (FOBP) maintains an online survey. While more than 130 individuals have already completed the survey, you can still take part (Please click here to complete the three-minute survey). Here are highlights of your thoughts on our park, as at February 9, 2012:

How often do you visit Berczy Park?

Survey respondents are frequent park visitors, with 40% making a daily visit and 39% doing so on a weekly basis.

What activities do you use the park for?

Most people make a quick visit to Berczy, with 84% walking through on their way to somewhere else and 34% walking their dog. Others enjoy longer park stays, with 51% taking part in festivals held in the park, or 29% who meet friends there.

How do you rate Berczy Park?

While 60% rate the park good to excellent, there’s room for improvement since 40% ranked the park from poor to fair.

What improvements could be made?

Improvements to landscaping and tree maintenance were top ranked at 68%, while 64% suggested keep the park cleaner. Improved seating and better lighting won 60% and 47%, respectively, while dedicated space for dogs and facilities for children garnered 37% and 34% support.

We live in a diverse neighbourhood

While 58% of survey respondents identified themselves as adults with no children, 26% were households with children. Pet lovers with a dog under 25lbs represented 22% of survey participants, while seniors reflected 18%.


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